The What and Why of an RV Inspection

For a lot of people, an RV will be the second largest purchase they make in their lifetime. Second only to their house. If you are a full-time RVers, the RV is your home. When you purchase a house, you get an independent 3rd party inspection of it. Why wouldn’t you do the same when purchasing an RV?

What is an RV Inspection?

An RV Inspection is similar to a home inspection. It is NOT for your state or province’s DMV inspection for roadworthiness.

There are 66 – 160+ points of inspection depending on what kind of unit it is and the level of inspection you choose. The inspection is a visual inspection of all the major house components of the RV. Inspecting the life safety systems is a key component of all inspections so that you can keep yourself and your family safe. In addition, “blood tests” for the engine, transmission and generator can ensure there are no mechanical surprises.

Do you want to learn more about what is included in an inspection?

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Why should I get an RV Inspection?

Most RVs actually have more systems to be evaluated than a typical home. The systems can and will provide the future owner with sour experiences if they are in disrepair and these issues are not disclosed before the purchase experience. This is the key reason to get an RV Inspection! It is our hope to provide you with peace of mind in the purchase or selling experience.

Who else should get an RV Inspection?

Are you coming to the end of your warranty? Is your RV in for repairs? Have you had your RV for a while? Are you considering an extended warranty or service contract? These are all great reasons you should consider an RV Inspection.